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This is the frame after the application of composition ornaments. Composition ornaments, or \"Compo\" is a primitive plastic material first developed in the 17th century to enable mass production of carved details for the decorative arts. If you have a victorian house with curlicues around the fireplace or newel post, for example, that\'s most likely compo. Compo is made with animal hide glue, pine rosin and whiting (powdered chalk). It\'s soft and flexible when it\'s fresh, and can be heated on a steam tray to apply to most any surface. Since it\'s made out of glue, when steamed it becomes it\'s own adhesive. Over time (months or years) compo dries and hardens to a brittle hard plastic material.

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Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
File size: 1144.43 kbytes
Taken on: 2009:05:29 22:10:56
Camera model: Apple iPhone
Shutter speed:  
Focal length:  
Aperture: f 2.8
  • Raw Basswood
  • Gesso
  • Compo
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Laying leaf
  • Red
  • Freshly Gilded
  • Gilded Corners
  • First Patina
  • Sienna Corners
  • Finished on the Table
  • Finished Corners
  • Finished Frame


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