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First Patina


First Patina

This photo shows the frame after the second of three layers of toning. The first layer is a wash of Van Dyke Brown casien paint. The whole frame is painted thinly, then wiped back with a damp rag. This allows the paint to lay thickly in the crevices and details (places that would also hold accumulations of dust and grime) while giving a faint, darkening haze to the frame overall. After the paint is dry, I seal it with thin orange shellac. Shellac, incidentally, is pretty interesting stuff. It\'s made from bug poop, you know! The Lac beetle is native to southeast Asia. It eats a particular tree sap, then craps out gobs of \"lac\". These gobs are gathered up and soaked in alcohol until they dissolve. It\'s then allowed to dry into thin brittle sheets. The sheets crumble into flakes, which is how I buy it. Unlike premixed shellac, I get greater control of color and consistency. The flakes are sold in a variety of colors from \"Blond\" which is nearly clear, to \"Ruby Red\". Mostly I use Orange and Amber. I soak it for 24 hours in denatured alcohol, then mix it again to the consistency I need. The second wash, shown by this photo, is Burnt Sienna Casien. It is a thiner wash, but not wiped back so much. It gives a warm depth to the details. Again, it\'s sealed with shellac.

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Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
File size: 1128.99 kbytes
Taken on: 2009:06:09 22:21:54
Camera model: Apple iPhone
Shutter speed:  
Focal length:  
Aperture: f 2.8
  • Raw Basswood
  • Gesso
  • Compo
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Laying leaf
  • Red
  • Freshly Gilded
  • Gilded Corners
  • First Patina
  • Sienna Corners
  • Finished on the Table
  • Finished Corners
  • Finished Frame


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