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A wavy form


A wavy form

We started looking at some raw wood samples, to get ideas of form, and scale. We agreed that we wanted this frame to be larger than other frames we had made for his collection. The image here is of a sketch I made of the three profile stack that we considered and eventually settled on. The cross-section edges show the actual shape of the raw profiles from the planing mill. The shaded areas show the re-shaping I intended. I felt a casetta shape, with rounded inner and outer rails was right for the image. If you hadn\'t noticed, the painting is of a Nymph and Satyr, and they seem to be underwater. I thought the undulating outer rail might reinforce that feel.

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  • The Painting in the Frame
  • A key influence
  • Surface is everything
  • A wavy form
  • Another option considered
  • The design emerges
  • Raw wood
  • Raw wood joined
  • Gesso and clay
  • Patterns
  • Corner design
  • One possibility
  • One better
  • Scrap
  • The Finished Frame


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