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Gesso and clay


Gesso and clay

Here is the entire frame. At this point it has been joined, and sanded, then coated with at least six coats of gesso, and sanded glassy smooth. Since this frame is to be water gilded, it has also been coated in cool grey \"Bole.\" Bole is a mixture of rabbit skin or gelatin glue and special colored clay. It has the consistancy of heavy cream when applied to the frame, then dries rather chalky. The clay comes in a variety of colors. Reds and yellows are traditional for \"yellow\" golds, blues and black are typically used for \"white\" gold and silver. Custom colors can also be made by mixing clays or tinting with artist\'s pigments. Because gold leaf is unimaginably thin, the color of bole will influence the color of the final gilding. Gilders also frequently rub or abraid their gilding to show more of the bole.

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  • The Painting in the Frame
  • A key influence
  • Surface is everything
  • A wavy form
  • Another option considered
  • The design emerges
  • Raw wood
  • Raw wood joined
  • Gesso and clay
  • Patterns
  • Corner design
  • One possibility
  • One better
  • Scrap
  • The Finished Frame


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