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The Finished Frame


The Finished Frame

Here is the finished frame. It\'s been gilded, incised, burnished, selectively rubbed, then recieved a thin coat of clear shelac. It\'s had a wash of watery black casein paint that was quickly wiped off, only staying in crevices as an accent. Then, another thin shelac-ing, and a nice rub with paste wax. White gold can be difficult to light evenly in a photograph. The four corners actually have about the same amount of blue showing, but is is less apparent when the light glints off the gold. I hope you enjoyed this primer. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, but be careful, I love this stuff. I tend to ramble once I get started... ;)

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  • A key influence
  • Surface is everything
  • A wavy form
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  • Raw wood joined
  • Gesso and clay
  • Patterns
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  • The Finished Frame


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