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This heavily damaged frame was brought to us after the painting it houses was restored. The painting is a ladies formal portrait on canvas. The lady is dressed in late 19th century clothing. I believe it was the client\'s great grandmother. I believe the frame to be contemporary to the portrait. It shows many characteristics common to late 19th century frames. It is constructed from multiple profiles of wood, probably poplar, joined with cut nails. The main oval section appears to be a complete frame unto itself, and the spandrel section was added from below. The seam where these two sections meet is concealed with a bead of composition flowers. The overall ornamentation is applied composition. At some point in the frame\'s history, an amatuer attempt was made to address some of the damage to the frame. Wood putty was used to clumsily fill voids in the ornament, and much of the top rail was irregularly filled and reshaped. The whole frame was then painted in gold colored paint. For this reason, the original finish can only be guessed at. The customer does not know when and by whom the repairs were made. Unfortunately, the customer is not aware of any photographs showing the frame prior to the repairs. An old photograph, even black and white, could offer some valuable clues as to the original finish.

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  • Before
  • Detail of damage
  • More damage
  • Large void
  • Infill
  • Cast Flowers
  • infill detail
  • Fresh gold
  • Gilded detail
  • Gilded basketweave
  • Final
  • Final detail
  • Final rail


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