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Detail of damage


Detail of damage

Much of the composition is damaged, and some elements are missing entirely. These raised flowers positioned atop the oval rail are in especially bad shape. Only one half of one section is complete and without significant cracks. I carefully make a mold of this section using rubber molding compound. It will be used to cast replacements for the missing sections. One of the first steps in restoring a frame like this is worrying at loose sections. I probe all pieces of compo, checking for stability. All loose pieces are carefully removed. All of the wood putty from the prior repairs is removed and discarded. The ornate details on the convex inside of the rail require special attention. The gold colored paint is flaking and peeling from much of this section. It appears to have been very thickly applied, and has filled in much of the detail in this panel. I carefully scrape away the paint from almost the entire convex panel. Although it is very time consuming, I am able to restore much of the original detail.

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  • Detail of damage
  • More damage
  • Large void
  • Infill
  • Cast Flowers
  • infill detail
  • Fresh gold
  • Gilded detail
  • Gilded basketweave
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  • Final detail
  • Final rail


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