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infill detail


infill detail

Much of the top rail and the lower flower bead needed to be remade. I made a simple trough by pressing modeling clay to the rail on both sides, then filled the trough with water putty. When it was firm but soft, I removed the clay, and sculpted the putty into shape. I had to carefully hand-carve the inner and outer cove on much of the top rail. I remade much of the bottom floral bead by making simple molds from modeling clay, and casting the missing sections in-situ.

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  • Before
  • Detail of damage
  • More damage
  • Large void
  • Infill
  • Cast Flowers
  • infill detail
  • Fresh gold
  • Gilded detail
  • Gilded basketweave
  • Final
  • Final detail
  • Final rail


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